Now occupies the site of what was Sheffield’s most notorious Doctor’s Surgery. Details of certain lurid happenings known to have taken place in the cellars are still disputed to this day!

We pride ourselves on having purveyed more pizzas than any other Restaurant in Sheffield. If you were to place every Pizza created at Mama’s on top of each other,you would not just be looking at the most varied Pizza but a construction higher than the famous Leaning Tower of (almost) the same name.

A latter day attempt to re-create this feat might bring us into conflict with a stronger force than gravity itself… But at Mama’s anything is possible… Just state your preference and we will have the dish prepared and served up especially for you!


Mama’s was the region’s first Pizzeria – Today it is still the best loved family restaurant offering the highest possible standards in good food, hygiene and friendly service.


– each meal is individually prepared and cooked to your order… Now you know what the connoisseurs were looking for when they made their recommendations about Mama’s.


The food served at Mama’s is made from 100% Pure Ingredients. We continue to be the most discerning Restaurateurs, combining the highest standards of produce selection with the finest art of gastronomic expertise. Just as the seasons change, you will always find a distinctly different menu at Mama’s – We stake our reputation on it!

Buon Apetito!!